Breastfeeding Support and Care


How many times will we need to meet?

Typically I only need to meet once with a new mother. If we are able to spend one hour together working on technique, latch, positioning, and talking through the expectations and necessities to succeed at breastfeeding; that is usually all it takes.

If however your situation is somehow unique (premature baby, breast augmentation, some sort of disability, etc) it may require more follow-up sessions, which I do offer a reduced price for.

I will usually make a free follow-up courtesy call after meeting with you the first time just to make sure things are going well.

How does payment work?

This practice accepts only fee for service at time of service.  This means you must pay for services either prior to or at the time of the appointment. Phone Consultations must be paid for in advance as well as gift certificates. You can pay for any consultation in advance through this website, or you can pay by cash or check at the time of the appointment.

Will insurance pay for my visit?

It is possible, and becoming even more likely, that your health insurance plan will reimburse your costs to meet with an IBCLC. I cannot make any assurances however as plans vary greatly. It is good to note though that under the new healthcare law, any new insurance plans beginning August 1, 2012 are required to cover lactation support services. That means more than likely my services would be covered as out of network provider. I will provide you with a Lactation Visit Receipt with all the information you will need to submit the visit for reimbursement from your insurance provider. It is your responsibility to pursue reimbursement for lactation services from your insurance company.  This practice does no billing for insurance reimbursement and is not a provider on any insurance plan. Reimbursement is not guaranteed, but filing is recommended.

Do you prescribe medications?

No, I am not a medical doctor or a nurse practitioner, therefore I am not able to write prescriptions for clients. However as a Lactation Consultant I will work closely with your primary care doctor and share my observations and findings with them . If you are dealing with thrush or an infection or are in serious need of another medication, I will make these recommendations to your physician and work with them to develop a plan to best address your needs.

Do you sell or rent breast pumps?

At this time I do not sell or rent pumps.  Milk Moms is a great resource here in MN as they will help you with the insurance billing process for your pump and offer very fast delivery. Pumps can also be purchased locally at the medical supply store, Target & Walmart, and online from several other providers. Please read reviews first and try to purchase the highest quality pump you can afford. If you will be pumping a lot you will need a good pump.

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