Breastfeeding Support and Care

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Why I love doing Home Visits

As of January 1st I am no longer seeing patients at the Crosby hospital. While I liked the opportunity to care for mothers in their immediate postpartum days, I have found that my real interest is in helping them transition into the lifestyle of a breastfeeding mother. At home.

I have been doing several home visits a month and have come to realize that seeing mothers and their new babies in the home environment is the best opportunity for me to better understand the dyad’s challenges. For example, a few weeks ago I saw a mother that had a beautiful new nursery for her first baby. In the corner of the room was a gorgeous vintage rocking chair passed down by her mother. This mother felt like she should use the chair for feeding her baby as her mother had nursed her in the same chair (quite unsuccessfully, mind you). While beautiful, it was awful for nursing a baby! It was rigid hardwood with a straight back and a padded seat that slid around if you moved.

This mother had been struggling for 4 weeks to nurse her baby because this chair forced her body into a tense, awkward position that caused her to hold her baby very far away from her body. The baby was only able to make a very shallow latch and so mom’s nipples had gotten very sore and her milk supply was beginning to suffer because she was not nursing very frequently due to the discomfort. Had I seen her at the hospital I might have suspected other problems with latching and may have even gone down a totally different treatment path of looking for tongue restrictions or thrush. And all the problem was was poor positioning due to a bad chair! Being in her space made all the difference for me in helping her to get breastfeeding back on track.

Aside from being able to assess the furniture for breastfeeding friendliness, I also like that when I come to a mom’s home she doesn’t have to get all dressed up to go out. She doesn’t need to take a shower or bundle her baby up to face a cold MN day. She can greet me at the door in her pjs if that is where she’s at. And oftentimes new mothers are exactly in that place. As a mother of six I understand that there are days you will live in your bathrobe and eat frozen burritos because you were up 5 times during the night caring for this new little person. I get that and there is absolutely no judgement from me. I understand and care for mothers who are exhausted. I don’t expect a clean house and a perfectly made up mama.

I love having a cup of coffee with you and hearing how things are truly going. I love that I can care for you holistically all while helping you figure out what is causing your breastfeeding problem. You’re not alone on this journey. Don’t be afraid to call me because you’re embarrassed about your place (or hair). Trust me, I get it.

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Changes Coming Soon!

I want to give you a heads up to some changes that will be coming to my business and website very soon.

I will be making the change over to more video chat options for consultations. Since many new moms have a difficult time getting out, and since I like to see what is actually happening I am going to be joining the new Google Helpouts team in providing services to women all over the world!

I will be able to schedule appointments with women literally anywhere and talk with them in real time through the amazing power of the internet.

I am excited to be offering this service and will be making changes very soon on my page to make this an easier way for you or your friends to work with me.

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Quick Update!

I want to briefly share some exciting news here. I have taken a casual position at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center as their Lactation Consultant on staff! It’s been a busy past month learning the ropes there so my apologies for the little activity here.

This new position means that if you deliver at CRMC I will be available to help you at no cost for whatever breastfeeding needs you may have! Win!

But even if you’re not a CRMC patient, don’t worry. I’m still here for you privately at Naturally Nourished Baby and we can work out payment options to fit your needs.

Never hesitate to reach out to me for help, or to send someone you know who is struggling my way. I am a lactation professional and would love to make your breastfeeding experience the best possible.


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Home Visits are a Great Option

As a mom of 5 young children I understand that sometimes you just can’t get out of the house that easily, especially if you have kids. If you are needing help with breastfeeding and just cannot imagine loading all the kids up and bringing them to an appointment, please consider the home visit option.

Or if you have just undergone a cesarean section and shouldn’t be carrying baby around in the car seat, please give me a call and I will come to you.

I will travel to your home and we can meet at a time and in a place that is comfortable and easy for you. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself permission to rest and have others help you. I am here and want to help you.

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Now Open for Business

It’s official! Naturally Nourished Baby is ready for your breastfeeding questions and concerns.

While I am still finishing up the final touches of paint in my office and printing the paperwork for the filing cabinets, everything else is in place for me to begin accepting clients.

I have received my National Provider ID, meaning you can submit your receipt from our visit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I’ve filed as a sole proprietor with the State of MN and have been given all the nifty government IRS numbers to pay taxes. Wooo hoo! The brochures are printed, the business cards arrived today, I even have a new magnet for my van; and I announced the site on Facebook. That means it’s go time!

It’s time to get this party started and get to work helping out mamas with questions. I am so excited to share with you what I know about breastfeeding! After nursing my own kids for a total of 6+ years I know how rewarding the experience can be. I am so thankful that I am finally credentialed and prepared to help other women experience that too.

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Under Construction

Naturally Nourished Baby is getting up and running soon!

Please be patient as I work to get all the business necessities in place before beginning to see clients.

I estimate that I will be ready for business by the middle of November, 2012. Stay tuned!