Breastfeeding Support and Care

Now Open for Business

It’s official! Naturally Nourished Baby is ready for your breastfeeding questions and concerns.

While I am still finishing up the final touches of paint in my office and printing the paperwork for the filing cabinets, everything else is in place for me to begin accepting clients.

I have received my National Provider ID, meaning you can submit your receipt from our visit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I’ve filed as a sole proprietor with the State of MN and have been given all the nifty government IRS numbers to pay taxes. Wooo hoo! The brochures are printed, the business cards arrived today, I even have a new magnet for my van; and I announced the site on Facebook. That means it’s go time!

It’s time to get this party started and get to work helping out mamas with questions. I am so excited to share with you what I know about breastfeeding! After nursing my own kids for a total of 6+ years I know how rewarding the experience can be. I am so thankful that I am finally credentialed and prepared to help other women experience that too.